Upgrading and Servicing

Your decision to invest in a world class British audio system comes with many benefits included. Not least of these is the ability for many Cyrus products to be upgraded to the latest specification, ensuring that you can keep on improving your system in line with technological advancements without the need for the hassle and cost of selling and re-purchasing. An investment in Cyrus is therefore long term, with the opportunity to improve your system as your budget or taste grows, and access to our specialist Service and Support team if you require assistance.


Service engineer ChrisWe regularly service the majority of the products that we've ever manufactured, some of which may have first left the factory over 30 years ago.

A service involves not only repairs to any faults that may have occurred, but also a complete inspection and overhaul of the unit. During a service, our team of dedicated service engineers will inspect all of the components of the product and replace any parts that may have failed or no longer be operating within tolerance. For many units, we will replace original components with their modern counterparts and add any modifications that we've designed since the original manufacture. This means that your unit may come back sounding not just as good as new – but better!

Your local Cyrus retailer can arrange servicing for you.


Upgraded units being testedCyrus’s unique upgrade scheme allows you to maximise your investment in your Cyrus hi-fi and keep your system up-to-date with our latest sonic and feature improvements. A unit that has been upgraded will be indistinguishable from a freshly manufactured unit of the same model and perform to exactly the same precise standards. Each upgraded unit is also given a two year guarantee so that you can be assured of the quality and performance of the product. The upgrade price is unaffected even if the existing unit has a fault, so this may make an even more attractive option if your product is no longer performing to optimum standards.

Your local Cyrus retailer can arrange an upgrade for your unit. Please note that only Signature retailers can upgrade your product to Signature specification. 


Every product that comes into Cyrus, whether for upgrade or service, is subjected to our full range of precision audio test processes.  Our specialised equipment will test the product for many aspects of audio performance, from THD, noise, and distortion characteristics to mechanical tolerances and functionality. Every product will only be deemed to have passed when it performs to at least the same standards applied when the unit was first manufactured. This ensures that products that have been enjoyed for many years can be re-invigorated for your continued pleasure.

Upon completion, every product is soak tested for a minimum of 12 hours, cleaned, and repackaged in our latest protective branded packaging.


Please click here for our latest upgrade and service price list. Please note that these prices and options are applicable for the UK market only. If you are outside of the UK, please contact your local distributor.

Additional Information:

- Servicing and upgrades can be arranged via your local Cyrus retailer. Simply contact your retailer and take the unit along to them (in a box if possible) and they'll be happy to make the necessary arrangements. Only Signature retailers can upgrade your product to Signature specification. 

- Upgraded units are given a 2 year guarantee from the date of completion.

- Serviced units are given a 6 month guarantee from the date of completion.

- Some upgrades may result in a replacement unit if it is deemed more cost-effective than re-engineering. Please bear this in mind if you have older finishes in your existing system.

- Cyrus Audio Ltd cannot take responsibility for damage caused in transit where packaging has been deemed insufficient and not in-line with our supplied packaging guidelines.

- Any work carried out to units under guarantee that are found to be performing to specification may incur a charge to cover our costs.

- All quoted prices on the UK Upgrade/Service Price List include VAT and UK mainland transit between the retailer and the factory. Addresses beyond the mainland may accrue additional transportation costs. 

- If payment for work carried out is not received within six months of completion, Cyrus Audio may retain the product in lieu of payment.

- Availability and pricing of upgrades may differ in non-UK markets. If you are outside of the UK, please contact your distributor for options and pricing.

- Cyrus reserves the right to refuse a product for servicing or upgrading.

We regret that we are unable to receive any products directly into the Cyrus factory.

Please contact your local Cyrus retailer for more information or our service team at


Should you wish to purchase replacement accessories, please contact us at or your local Cyrus retailer.

For our accessories price list, please click here. These prices are applicable only when purchased directly from Cyrus Audio Ltd and do not include carriage.

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