Product Overview

The technology from our best hi-fi amplifiers and a high quality DAC.

The Cyrus 8 DAC incorporates a high power integrated amplifier and advanced digital to analogue converter to provide a great sounding, versatile hi-fi amplifier.

Using our best hi-fi amplifying technology, you will benefit from 70 watts per channel, with multi-zoning capacities allowing you to listen to different sources in different areas of your home.

 The Cyrus 8 DAC is a good foundation for a hi-fi system, and can be connected to up to five digital sources including CD player, computer, TV or satellite box. The advanced digital to analogue converter is compatible with the latest high resolution 24-bit music files.

Further Information

The Cyrus 8 DAC is one of our best hi-fi amplifiers because of the work put into making sure the components and circuitry used produce the trademark sound quality we demand from all of our products.

The powerful on-board software system allows the customization of many features including individual input sensitivity matching and multiple display modes.

As one of our best hi-fi amplifiers, the Cyrus 8 DAC is a great partner for the high performance CD t or Stream X Signature. Connecting a PSX-R upgrades the sound produced by putting less strain on the amplifier’s internal power supply. When you get the hi-fi itch, you can upgrade your Cyrus 8 DAC to a Cyrus 8 Qx DAC which uses a more advanced digital to analogue converter.

Technical Information

As with all of our products, the Cyrus 8 DAC can be connected to our other systems via our unique MC-BUS connectivity.

Inputs – 6 analogue, 2 electrical SPDIF, 2 optical SPDIF, 1 USB (computer slave input)

Sample rate compatibility – digital input: 24-bit/192 kHz; USB: 16-bit/48 kHz

Outputs – Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers

Power Supply – 350VA transformer

Power output – 150W per channel into 4 ohms; 70W per channel into 8 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm

Weight – 6.9kg

For further details, please contact your local Cyrus retailer.


Cyrus have won 42 major awards since 2005 and counting!

Latest: AV Magazine Excellence Awards 2015 - Cyrus Lyric 09