3 Track Thursday – 01/11/2018

Pink Floyd – Mother

Reminds me of university, my birthplace in Cardiff. Listening to this song in my dorm room between classes. This is the sort of song you can just lie back and listen to, the messages being told by Pink Floyd. The catch line “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?” being extremely relevant during the period the song was released.

21 Pilots – Jumpsuit

My son came across this, I love it. Only being released last month it’s become a favourite of mine. I like the mix of fast lyrics, synth and distorted bass guitar. The verses are an opposite to the chorus, with the verse being much more lyric focused, feeling slower Paced. Yet the chorus kicks up with a heavy riff and louder vocals.

Eric Clapton – Tears in heaven

Reminds me of my children. A soft mix of guitar and vocals, it works extremely well. As this song was written about the tragic passing of his 4 year-old son, it makes me thankful for what I have in my life. Listening to this song makes me think how lucky I am to be in the position I am.

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