3 Track Thursday 06/12/2018


The Wheel - Everything Everything

Introduced to me through live music, my friends band does an questionable cover of this when performing in Cambridge live.

I asked the singer about the track and I fell in love, it certainly is a different style of music, however different isn’t always bad!

Hurt - Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree, The Man, The Myth, The legend.

Is there anything he can’t do, being crucified on a scooter is impressive regardless how silly it is.

All jokes aside, this track is a head turner. A mix of distorted guitar to the lead up towards the chorus compliments the verse well.

You can’t go wrong with Oliver Tree if you’re after something a little different.

Sunshine of your love - Cream

I play guitar, you can see where this song fits in.

Anyone who’s had guitar lessons knows Sunshine inside and out. The groovy guitar riff is legendary.

Classic rock at it’s finest.

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