3 Track Thursday – 10/01/2019

Lights Out - Royal Blood

An absolute classic in my books, released as a single prior to their latest album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’.

I’ve been a fan of Royal Blood since their debut album, I attended their Album tour at Alexandra Palace – London in November 2017, perhaps the greatest live performance I’ve experienced.

They splice and old school style of rock with a unique sound, with only 2 members in the band they pull this off extremely impressively, using a vast array of effect peddles connected to a bass guitar.

For a unique sound, check out both albums.

DIG - Black Honey

A unique indie band from Brighton, powerful lyrics from their front-woman, supported with jazzy instrumentals from the rest of the band.

This song is a blast from the past, boasting a vast dynamic range in sounds.

medicine - Bring Me the Horizon

Something really new, releasing only last week.

A complete departure from their earlier work, along with an almost psychedelic video it’s a huge change fro the band, even from August 2018’s release of MANTRA.

This single has been slated by fans and critics for being far too ‘pop-rock’, the song expertly uses solid rock riffs and backup vocals to create one of the most unique singles of the month.

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