3 Track Thursday 13/12/18

Solo - Oh Wonder

A calm song, reminds me of long drives at night watching streetlights shooting past.

The intro switches from city background noises to a melody of soft octave lyrics, piano and synth.

A fantastic single and opener to one of my favourite albums.

Walk On By - Thundercat

Introduced to me at a bar by my friend in London, Thundercat is different.


A little bit of hip-hop spliced with rap from Kendrick Lamar as the featured artist on this track. The chorus is catchy, listen if you’re after something extremely weird.



Tequila - Bandingo Ygne

With sampling from the legendary song ‘Tequila’, Bendingo expertly mixes and raps over this classic.

What sets Bandingo apart is making his lyrics flow around the sampled tracks, everything just sounds natural and an extension of the original track.

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