3 Track Thursday – 14/02/2019

Call Me Out - Sea Girls

I was first introduced to the Sea Girls by a friend during a trip to London, listening to the wavy lyrics whilst the countryside flies by outside of the window.

The song reminds me of a lot of indie bands I used to watch a couple years back, it’s fair to say a bit of nostalgia is to come into play here.

My favourite part of the song is the ending Chorus, where the acoustic guitar kicks in with the solo lyrics, returning to the original melody with backing vocals included.

A solid track, nothing less.

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine

I first head of Rage Against The Machine from my cousin when I was a kid, playing their bass riffs through a heavy effects pedal was certainly something…different but catching.

The song is catchy, heavily effected guitar pedals with nothing but groovy riffs of both guitar and bass, creating a harmonisation in the song.

The use of an interesting but unique guitar solo, created by Morello rubbing his fingers across the guitar strings whilst switching between the pickups on his guitar, making an almost scratching vinyl effect.

Gotta Get Up - Harry Nilsson

I was browsing Netflix late on a Saturday evening and came across this delightful show called Russian Doll, this is the main song of the show and plays into the narrative very cleverly.

Back to the song, it’s an extremely upbeat song with a very 70’s sound to it.

It’s just a happy song, nothing more or less!

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