3 Track Thursday 17/01/2019

Wild - Troye Sivan

A personal favourite of mine, reminds me of my month trip to the USA, visiting Miami beach with the waves crashing over me.

It’s a catchy song with a deep message, feelings of love and freedom.

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood mac

Where do I even begin with this masterpiece, the beautiful use of backup vocals in the outro and the harmonization between Nicks and Buckingham are just hypnotic.

Expert guitar solos filling in between verses, it’s no wonder why this is regarding as one of the greatest songs of ALL time.

HUMBLE - Kendrick Lamar

Now this is different from the others, a complete contrast in change from the other two songs listed above.

A catchy hook with heavy bass, Kendrick expertly puts together one of the greatest hits of 2017 magically. With the use of smart lyrics, this is easily one of the greatest rap pieces of the 21st century.

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