3 Track Thursday – 7th March 2019

Plans - Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder are an alt pop group based out of London. A melodic mix of soft alternating vocals, synth work and electronic drums in the background.

It seems that OW are a fan of using octaves in their vocal work, especially in this track.


I can recommend Plans to anyone and everyone, it’s soft and a refreshing take on the pop genre.

These Words Are Everything - Jonwayne

This track took me by surprise, Jonwayne was highly recommended to me upon a visit to R&D at Cyrus. I first dug into These Words Are Everything.

A mix of hip-hop and rap goes a long way, I enjoy how the track fades in and out of being serious then to Jonwayne talking to someone in the studio for feedback, it just adds another level to the track that isn’t usually seen.

Still - The Japanese House

All this sound from a solo artist? It’s hard to believe with the range and variety of audio techniques being used.

The electronic based voice is different, but it works with the other instruments being used.

It’s definitely aimed for a specific audience, not everyone will enjoy this style of music, but for those who do it’ll be refreshing.

Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom