3 Track Thursday – Abir Ali 27/09/18

Slave To Love - Bryan Ferry

Listening on Stream X sig, this is one lush, moody, melancholic and deeply romantic ballad of the 80s.Used to be partial to this song and then it hit me all at once. Really deep and yearning, I could listen to this and other tracks on repeat for hours.

Atmosphere - Joy Division

Listening to this on vinyl on a RP3 and Phono Sig was amazing but then promoted to outstanding when allied to a PSXR2.

Such a delicate and pristine, it feels like it could evaporate at any moment. Everything from those subtle drums and low bass to the shimmering, gossamer-like keyboards that rise and swell and then sink again is in its right place. The rich, and heavy vocals is the icing on the cake.

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

Not just one of the best Acid House tracks of all time, but one of the best alternative dance tracks of all time. Great when played in the now defunct Hacienda,in Manchester where I grew up.

Cannot recommend this album enough. Strong melodies, beats, and strong neo-psycheldic production makes this song a timeless classic.

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