3 Track Thursday – Alun Rowe – 02/08/18

The Flaming Lips - Do you realize??

When I was first introduced to the Flaming Lips I couldn’t understand for a more why you would want to listen to out of tune warbling coupled with lazy off-beat guitars and drums.  Over time though I found a few tracks I liked and slowly I began to find myself starting to understand the beautiful madness contained within.  Do you realize was one of the last tracks they played on their tour in 2017 preceded by a beautiful tribute to David Bowie.  In it’s own right it’s a beautiful mantra about living and enjoying your life on that night it was a love letter to a great musical pioneer.

A - Nothing

Throughout the late nineties I was touring with my band called Ninety and we had the pleasure of sharing a stage with these guys on a regular basis.  When I say pleasure I should say “feeling the pain of being blown offstage overnight by”…


Nothing was the opening track of their second album and they certainly came out fighting and led to a slew of awards and an almost constant rotation on MTV2.


I’m certainly looking forward to November when they are touring Hi-Fi Serious across the UK.

Jesus Jones - Idiot Stare

I’ve been a fan of the Jones’s since their first single Info Freako way back in 1989.  The punk rock, make it yourself, mentality that lead to their early experiments with sampling that created their initial sound of Liquidizer lead them to the sugary pop of Doubt and then on to the darker, more grown up, album Perverse.  Idiot Stare is the closing track of Perverse album and often of live gigs too.  Idiot stare is an ode to writers block and the feeling of helplessness that accompanies it but through it’s use of a staccato rhythm and the wistful sounds of the electronic strings it ends up acting as a good solid kick in the teeth of the block that inspired it.

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