3 Track Thursday Robbie 05/07/18



With the recent passing of XXXTENTACION, I decided to give him a listen. I really enjoyed ‘SAD!’ with the catchy melody and deep lyrics. His previous songs have been short with reduced lyrics, however ‘SAD!’ changes this and puts a new twist on his music.

Yonkers – Tyler the Creator

I discovered this gem whilst trying out different genres of music, I’ve never listened to Tyler the Creator and I realised that I had been missing out. The backing track sounds almost like a starting car combined with fast and intense rapping, it really is a must listen for some dark rap fans.

Africa – Weezer

So Weezer covered Africa by Toto, who would have thought this day would come, it all started from a 15 yearold’s twitter account appropriately named “weezer cover africa by toto” which gained traction leading up to Weezer producing a studio release of Africa. I was already a huge fan of both Weezer and Toto, so this was a must listen for me. I really enjoy the cover even if it’s a bit jokey.

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