3 Track Thursday Robbie Poulton 04/10/2018

Enemy - Oliver Tree

I stumbled across this track when searching for Olive Trees, we’ve all browsed Google at 2am.

I threw this track on and just fell in love with it, the lyrics are simple however with the style of song Oliver produces, it’s a match made in heaven.
The song gradually gets heavier, with an almost metallic sound coming from the electronic backing track with the vocals getting more and more aggressive.

Avalanche - Bring me the Horizion

I’ve been a fan of Bring Me The Horizons previous work in their hit album, sempiternal. However the tracks in their latest album That’s the Spirit (2015), they really took their music in a different direction, focusing on synths instead of screaming lyrics. Avalanche stuck out to me because of the heavy message it converys, it’s telling the story about a young man who’s finding things a little too difficult and feeling lost in life. The lead vocalist, Oliver, talks about finding a cure for him as something is supposed to be wrong with him, I like this outlook on life.

The track itself perfectly combines all members of the band, starting off with a drum fill, rolling into heavy synth and guitar. This is recommended to anyone who enjoys pop rock with a bit of a darker theme.

Landslide - Oh Wonder

This song is different to most, well personally I simply love it passionately. It’s the sort of song you can throw on and chill out to, the entire album as well. However, it’s this one song from Oh Wonders debut album which really hit me good. It’s almost soft, resonating throughout your head when you listen to it, the backing track stays consistent throughout most of the song, and by no means is this a bad thing. It’s simple yet charming.

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