3 Track Thursday – Robbie Poulton – 31/08/18

Ivy (Doomsday) - The Amity Affliction

Only releasing recently, Ivy has become one of my favourite tracks by The Amity Affliction. It’s a complete change from their previous work, having calmer vocals in the verses and a more aggressive approach to the chorus. I’m liking the direction the band is moving in and i’m loving their latest album, Misery.

Kids - The Kooks

The Kooks are back and better than ever, this song makes me feel nostalgic in ways I didn’t know were possible, driving down the highway on a hot summers day to the beach.


The Ringer - Eminem

Eminem is back.

After the flop of 2017’s Revival, Eminem is seriously back with his latest album Kamikaze, he explores topics regarding politics and modern ‘rap’ which includes over auto-tuned mumble rap infused with binge drinking and drug use.

The Ringer is a mellow and intense song simultaneously, switching between Marshall’s fast flow and smart lyrical abilities in between, this is all accompanied with a punchy backing track.

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