3 Track Thursday – Robbie Poulton

Bring Me The Horizon - sugar honey ice & tea

The latest from Bring Me The Horizon, a pop rock banger with an addictive guitar riff, fast lyrics and clever use of lyrics from Sykes.


Their latest album “amo” splices synth and pop rock. Amo meaning ‘love’ in Spanish, the album as a whole has themes of love and relationships in it, in an interview from NME it’s spoken that the song is focused on societies view on love and personal beliefs, that “Only theirs is important”, speaking about intolerance towards peoples views.

Interview with NME

Glass Animals - Pork Soda

Sounds of the city, filled with pineapples, sounds weird right? Welcome to Glass Animals.


Cutting in from the intro, we’re given an almost “trance/trippy” styled beat and synth. A large dynamic range of sounds is always appreciated.

Tenacious D - Master Exploder

I discovered this song from playing Rock Band 2 on my Xbox 360, a game that inspired me to get into music and learn how to play guitar.


It’s from the movie “The Pick Of Destiny” and it’s almost a bit of a joke, however the guitar work and powerful lyrics are impressive.


If you’re after something not particularly serious but retaining quality, check out Tenacious D.

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