3 Track Thursday Sophie 25/05/18


De Camino a la Vereda - Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club reminds me of salsa dancing around the garden with my friends.

My father and I finally got to see them perform live at WOMAD festival in 2012 so I have some really fond memories connected with this song. It’s getting into BBQ season and Cuban influenced music is showing up all over the charts so it’s the perfect time to have a listen!

Week end - X Japan

X Japan first came onto my radar a few years ago when I was browsing YouTube. I was absolutely blown away by their 1997 show “The Last Live”, if you enjoy this track then I recommend you watch the whole thing as they are awesome live performers. I re-watched it myself after hearing that they played Coachella this year and still get tingles down my spine! This track is a great one to get ready with on a Friday night, I especially love the guitar solo at 2:24.

Burn - Andra Day

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Hamilton on the West End this spring and I was so glad that the smash hit lived up to the hype!

I think I have listened to the original soundtrack about 10 times since then but I also really like this mixtape album. If you who are into neither musicals nor hip-hop this cover of one of the songs is a more accessible introduction to the show!

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