3 Track Thursday – Robbie Poulton

She's Casual - The Hunna

This song is catchy, with standout lyrics and fast drums and guitars, a song about love.

Starting off with a clean guitar and soft vocals, building up slowly with drums and distorted guitar.

The first chorus is just the same vocals and guitar, suddenly building up adding drums.

Tequila - Bandingo Ygne

This is odd, a mixup of rap and the classic which is Tequila.

Bandingo expertly lays a rap track over the classic song that feels natural, A must listen for fans of deep bass and fast lyrics.

44 More - Logic

Initially Logics return after his latest album, 44 more is fast and disorienting. Expertly using triplets and cleverly splicing bass lines with his fast rap.

Logic is known for getting into issues generic rap doesn’t touch, instead of gun violence and drugs. He raps about sending his kids to college and not flexing with his wealth.

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