ONE Series

ONE series is conceived as an accessible range of products designed with the very highest hi-fi credentials, but in a very practical and modern configuration.

ONE is designed to work brilliantly with contemporary music sources such as streamed bluetooth from phones, Chromecast audio, and also with the classic sources, such as vinyl.

Cyrus ONE

Breath-taking audio from a single box. Compact, yet boasting an incredible audio specification. Send Bluetooth from your phone, directly connect a record player, or plug in Google’s Chromecast audio for CD quality streamed music.

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Cyrus ONE HD

The ONE HD is not just an evolution of our award-winning integrated amplifier, it’s now an all-purpose 'High-Resolution' integrated amplifier capable of connecting directly with your PC, TV, games console, in fact, almost any source to give you simply astonishing sound quality.

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Cyrus ONE Hi-Fi Starter Kit

The Cyrus ONE amplifier and ONE linear speakers provide the perfect all-in-one system from this impressive hi-fi starter kit. Connect up the loudspeakers and you're good to start experiencing the true potential of the music from your phone, or laptop over Bluetooth.

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The Cyrus ONE linear is a premium loudspeaker system, which, whilst designed to perfectly augment the Cyrus ONE amplifier system, provides exemplary performance with a whole host of audio systems.

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Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom