Cyrus Audio and SMS strategic partnership

Cyrus announces a strategic partnership with SMS – Smart Made Simple

Cyrus Audio Ltd has today completed a wide-ranging commercial agreement with SMS – Smart Made Simple (, a premium, Nottingham-based, Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) with 100 years of experience producing high-end electronics for a variety of global Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) brands.

The agreement gives Cyrus direct access to a new state-of-the-art design and prototyping facility developed by SMS.  This will not only speed up the product development process directly but will also shorten the production engineering and product testing phases meaning a substantial overall improvement in speed-to-market for Cyrus. The recently launched QXR DAC card was the first new Cyrus product developed using this facility.

Cyrus’s supplier relationships, component sourcing, and supply chain management will also be managed by SMS, enabling Cyrus to leverage the superior purchasing power, logistics and procurement expertise that lie within SMS.  SMS will also take on the manufacturing of sub-assemblies within current and future products.

As part of the deal, SMS has taken a substantial minority shareholding in the Cyrus Business, allowing significant investment in sales and marketing as well as strengthening Cyrus’s Cambridge-based Research and Development (R&D) facility.

Cyrus Audio’s Chairman, Simon Freethy, said of the agreement, ‘We are delighted to secure the manufacturing services of SMS – Smart Made Simple as part of our on-going expansion plans. SMS has been a strategic partner for us over a number of years and the expansion of that relationship will not only improve our service to customers, but it also creates an excellent framework for growth, giving us improved development facilities, increased manufacturing capacity and increased procurement bandwidth. Cyrus is very proud to be a British brand, and the SMS partnership expands our UK footprint.”

SMS are UK market leaders in Surface Mount Technology working with numerous high-performance electronics manufacturers. This relationship will be key to securing improved supply chains for Cyrus, giving greater certainty oversupply of finished goods to customers, and improving speed-to-market of new products.  It also generates inward investment and allows Cyrus’s Cambridge-based team to focus on developing its core technologies for a new generation of products and customers.

Click here to learn more about our new development facilities, with a walkthrough from Ceri Williamson (Head of Engineering)