Cyrus CDi and soundKey win Best Buys in 2018 What Hi-Fi? awards

It’s that time of year again. On Monday, What Hi-Fi? magazine announced their 2018 Best Buy award winners. We’re absolutely thrilled that, once again, we have been awarded Best Buy’s in the 2018 What Hi-Fi? Awards for both our CDi and our soundKey products.

Both products have topped their respected classes since launch. For the soundKey that’s since 2017, and for the CDi, it has won either Product of the Year or Best Buy within its price category for five consecutive years now – that’s simply unheard of!

Our CD technology is still that far ahead of the competition due to some very clever engineering developed at our Cambridgeshire base. Our engineers developed a special ‘Servo’ technology, which is in use throughout our CD range. The idea is simple enough even if the execution is complex. Most CD players, even high-end ones, use a lot of error correction to retrieve the data from your CDs. The movement of the ‘servo’ to recover these error bits can introduce a lot of system noise. Our system uses an entirely different method of data recovery – one which preserves the harmonic structure of the music without introducing system noise. The result is a much cleaner sound and lower noise floor. Clearly, the critics agree!

SoundKey is again a testament to our engineering prowess. Outboard DACs are just emerging as a category. The delicate task of placing each signal path component away from the magnetic inductive effects of other components, coupled with our innovative DAC implementation, means that sound for pound, we are able to offer a lot more for a relatively low cost. Look out for our forthcoming Gaming version too!

We are, of course, very proud of both products and the esteem within which they are held by the industry. If you haven’t heard either of them yet, then there’s no time like the present. Just select your nearest dealer from our list and call them up to arrange an audition.