Cyrus Experience Tour Criterion Audio

The Cyrus Experience Tour continues as we head down Criterion Audio and hear from Cyrus experts and most importantly, great-sounding music. We’ll be demoing multiple systems on the day, a Cyrus Signature system with a DAC XP Signature, a comparison between the Pre2 DAC and Pre2 DAC QXR and the latest in our ONE Series, Cyrus ONE CAST. All systems will be demonstrated using KEF reference and a pair of KEF Blade 2, these are some seriously awesome speakers to indulge yourself in.

All visitors will be entered to win a pair of our Bluetooth earbuds, soundBuds. Criterion is offering a generous 15% discount off selected Cyrus products on the day

We’ll be holding three talks on the day, covering Cyrus ONE Cast, our QXR DAC Upgrade and the Power of class D Amplification. Learn much more and book your tickets through Criterions website here. We look forward to seeing you there!

The event runs from 11-late

Criterion House, Oakington Rd, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0QH