Cyrus Experience Tour Nintronics

The Cyrus Experience Tour continues as we head down to our friends at Nintronics to show off some seriously awesome equipment, we’ll be demoing 2 systems on the day, win a pair of soundBuds alongside a generous offer of 15% off any Cyrus product on the day with an included 3 month Qobuz subscription. Nintronics will be offering drinks and refreshments on the day.

System 1:

Cyrus Stream X Signature | Cyrus DAC XP Signature | Cyrus PSX-R2 | 2 x Mono X300 Signatures

System 2:

We’ll be demonstrating our latest product so will give nothing away now.

System 3:

Cyrus Pre2 QXR

Cyrus PSX-R2

Cyrus Stereo 200

Monitor Audio Gold 200


Presentation Times:

1) 10.30am – Cyrus Latest Product Introduction

2) 1.30pm – QXR DAC

3) 3.30pm – Class D amplification