Cyrus System Guide: 6 DAC

Deciding exactly which products you should include in your hi-fi system can be confusing. Your decisions will largely depend on how you buy, store and listen to your music as well as the size of your room and of course your budget.

Award-winning integrated amplifier and DAC in one

Our Cyrus 6 DAC is the perfect entry point to the world of Cyrus ‘separates’, enabling a wide upgrade path that’ll serve you exceptionally well now and for decades to come. Our 6 DAC is commonly partnered with our Cyrus CD t, a brilliant transport that provides you with a clean and perfectly delivered performance. The combination of 6 DAC and CD t offers a humble starter Cyrus system that provides a beautiful clean sound offering 57 Watts per channel whilst offering opportunities to perform an amplifier upgrade in the future if desired.

The 6 DAC features a high performance 24/192 DAC, with a 16/48 driverless USB connection (allowing plug and play connectivity to a PC or laptop), six analogue inputs and a high-quality headphone amplifier. The range of preamplifier outputs gives the 6 DAC outstanding flexibility for connecting to a wide variety of audio devices. This high-quality amplifier and DAC will put new life into your music or films with a touch of our trademark Cyrus tuning.

The 6 DAC amplifier can be upgraded with the QXR module or purchased pre-installed, offering 32bit/ 768k (DSD 512) through the USB connection. Using a new ESS-based DAC, we have also introduced a new ‘reclocking’ process across all the digital inputs, to reduce jitter and lower the noise floor, as well as allowing a much shallower filter slope than ever before, virtually eliminating phase interference in the audible band (an approach only previously possible with noisy FPGA DAC solutions).

Still not enough?

Looking to drive more demanding speakers, Cyrus 8₂ DAC delivers a surprising increase in audio performance and value over its 6 DAC sibling, it is based on the advanced preamplifier circuitry from the DAC XP Signature; benefiting from a ‘trickle down’ of our most advanced technology.  It is possible to upgrade the 6 DAC to 82 DAC specification at a later date. Our upgrade path allows you to seamlessly and gradually upgrade your Cyrus components overtime and unlocking the addition of external power supplies to further squeeze performance out of your Cyrus amplifier.



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