Cyrus System Guide: 8₂ DAC

Deciding exactly which products you should include in your hi-fi system can be confusing. Your decisions will largely depend on how you buy, store and listen to your music as well as the size of your room and of course your budget.

Our most flexible integrated amplifier

The 8₂ DAC is the perfect midpoint DAC in a Cyrus system, the older brother of the award-winning Cyrus 6 DAC (learn more about 6 DAC here) and ideal partner for both CD i or CD t CD players due to the outstanding level of detail and engineering that allows you to not just hear music, but truly listen and appreciate each pluck, beat and vocals from your favourite music.

Based on the advanced preamplifier circuitry from the DAC XP Signature, 8₂ DAC delivers surprising audio performance, value and benefits from a ‘trickle down’ of our most advanced technology, making it perfect to integrate with any Cyrus system or set-up, giving the listener flexibility with their budget and Hi-Fi set-up through multiple core Cyrus add-on components.

So what makes 8₂ DAC so special?

The 8₂ DAC features a high performance 24/192 DAC with optical and coaxial inputs and a driverless USB connection for plug and play connectivity to a PC or laptop. A centrepiece of a Cyrus system would be limited without a variety of connections, we’ve added six analogue inputs, a high-quality headphone amplifier, Zone 2 and preamplifier outputs to give 8₂ DAC as much flexibility as possible for connecting a wide variety of audio devices. There is also a PSX-R port on the 8₂ DAC allowing connectivity of the instant upgrade off-board power supply to drastically increase the performance from the internal components, as well as reduce wear and tear on important amplifier components.

An ideal system for the 8₂ DAC would be the addition of the Cyrus PSX-R₂ and the Cyrus CDi for a world-class CD system, or switch out the CD I for a Stream X Signature to provide the best sound resolution possible from a network audio library.

8₂ DAC can be further upgraded with the QXR module. Upgrading to a 32 bit 192kHz DAC with fantastic USB streaming opportunities from a laptop or PC.