Der PSX-R₂ ist eine externe Stromversorgung, die für die Verwendung mit bestimmten Modellen unserer HiFi-Einzelkomponenten konzipiert wurde. Die Schaltungstopologie dieser Komponenten ist so konzipiert, dass sie von diesem Upgrade technisch und vor allem klanglich profitieren, so daß diese Nachrüstoption eine mehr als lohnenswerte Investition darstellt.

Der PSX-R₂ sorgt für die Einspeisung von geglättetem und stabilem Gleichstrom, so dass jede angeschlossene Komponente ihr volles Potenzial entfalten kann. Mit dem PSX-R₂ werden Sie ein völlig neues Niveau an Feindetailzeichnung erleben. Sie hören feinste emotionale Nuancen, können förmlich die Emotion und die Leidenschaft der Musiker spüren.


The concept is that a power supply provides a super smooth DC feed to the highly refined electronics to you can hear the full potential of the products you have purchased.

In many products the PSX-R2 works in tandem with the built-in power supply to allow each part of the unit to be powered separately. It thereby removes any cross contamination from for example the motors in a Cyrus CD player or our famous Phono Signature

This Audiophile power supply works by providing a regulated DC power feed free of negative artefacts that are present in all domestic mains supplies. Connecting a PSX-Rexternal power supply enables the high grade components in the partnering component to perform to their full potential. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended. The PSX-R2 provides new depth and detail to the sound output of partnering products by providing extremely low noise power to the circuits within the unit. Low noise high gain amplifiers connected in a propriety design filter out any unwanted noise and provide remarkable benefits in sound quality. If you consider that amplifiers and other audio electronics work by making copies of the incoming signal, it is obvious that the copy will sound better because if DC voltage lines are cleaner. A stable, strong and separated power supply can provide huge sound quality benefits for a hi-fi system.


±35.5 VDC (für Voll- und Endverstärker im Stereobetrieb)
±18-30 VDC (für Endverstärker im Monobetrieb sowie übrige Verstärker)
±21 VDC (für geringe Leistungsanforderungen)

Höhe – 73 mm
Breite – 215 mm
Tiefe – 360 mm


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It was at this point that I added the external power supply. First impression was of an immediate lowering of the noise floor which freed me to increase the gain. Bass was no more powerful but now featured extra  information and detail within each drum strike.

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At this point it’s time to plug in the PSX-R2, and we realise there’s no going back. Make no mistake, the Phono Signature is certainly one of the best we’ve heard at the price, but adding the PSX-R2 takes sound quality to another plane altogether.

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