Cyrus ONE Series Firmware

The latest version of firmware for Cyrus ONE Series is 2.1

To check which version of firmware is installed in your unit, follow the directions for factory resetting the unit in the user manual. The firmware version will be indicated during this process. If the firmware version is lower than stated at the top of this page, an update is highly recommended.

Below you will find a link to download the latest firmware for your ONE and instructions on how to update it. Should you encounter any problems at any stage of this process, please contact your Cyrus retailer for further assistance.

Updating your Cyrus ONE Series Product

Cyrus ONE Series Updater for PC users 2.1

Cyrus ONE Series Updater for Mac users 2.1


Changes in the latest firmware:

Factory reset now possible without a remote control

AV Direct mode can be implemented on Bluetooth app (ONE Remote)