The Experience

Cyrus is about experiences – musical experiences yes, but also emotional ones. Our customers appreciate the fidelity and refinement of our products, but they ‘fall in love’ with the connection we create to the music. It’s a spine-tingling moment when you realise the difference and one which will stay with you a lifetime.


Cyrus is coming to Frank Harveys’ in late November, Cyrus experts will be on hand to give persoanlised listening experiences with the multi award winning Cyrus ONE HD, as well as a fully kitted out Cyrus Signature system.

You’re not going to want to miss out on this!

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Cyrus Tour

The ‘Experience Tour’ is our chance to share with you some of our passion and enthusiasm for music; to share some of our knowledge and decades of experience in hi-fi to help you make better and more informed decisions about hi-fi.


We start from first principles about what makes a good hi-fi, and run right through to in-depth discussions about different DAC technologies. We demonstrate, discuss digital music, streaming services, debunk some commonly held misconceptions. We have something for everyone.

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Cyrus is present at numerous shows around the world, either directly, or through our many distributors.


Here’s a list of where you can come and meet the team, whether to get your first Cyrus ‘Experience’, to meet like-minded enthusiasts, or to meet the support team for your area.

Upcoming Events