CD t

The Cyrus CD t is a ‘transport-only’ version of our multi-award winning CD i. If you’re looking for a player as part of a Cyrus system, to plug into the 6 DAC, 82DAC or one of our pre-amplifier products – this is the version to go for. No whistles or bells – just a brilliantly clean and perfectly delivered performance from our award-winning transport.

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“CD t – the newest replenishment of a long line of the excellent Cyrus models. It is CD transport, but not the CD player; in other words, he only reads data from a disk, and external TsAP is necessary for the performance of digit-analogue transformation.”

“Yes, you’ll need to add a good standalone DAC, but the CD t is worth the extra trouble. Its level of transparency, clarity and insight is unrivalled at this price, and is an effortless and musical listen.” – What Hi-Fi

The CD t is a transport only version of our multi-award-winning CD i. When you're using it with one of our pre-amplifiers or integrated amplifiers, it will leave other CD transports for dust.


Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom