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    Hi, a quick introduction.

    I bought my first Cyrus 2 in about 1986 from a HI-Fi shop in Solihull which appears to be still going ( with a name change). The demo disc was “Brothers in Arms”!! I bought a pair of KEF Reference 102’s to go with it and a pair of lead-filled speaker stands. The KEF factory was next to the GPO depot in Maidstone that I joined in 1970.
    Anyway, long story short. I now shop at Creative Audio in Shrewsbury. The current line-up is…

    Rega RP-1, Project pre-amp. CDxtSE2. Pre2DACS. 2 x. PSXR’s for them. 2 x Smartpowers. bi-amped for Acoustic Energy Radiance 3’s. Marantz UD7006 Blu-Ray feeding Sony projector, Yamaha RX-V2067 feeding another Smart-power on mono-mode feeding KEF Centre speaker and finally, yet another Smart-power feeding my original KEF R102’s as rear surround speakers.

    Nearly added a Stream X Signature, but that was faulty and had to returned ( long story ).

    Into Canal restoration with SNCT. May need help with NAS drive, but leave that for another day.

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    Welcome to the forum Wallace!

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