Cyrus ONE streaming starter kit – Participating dealers

The dealers listed below are participating in our promotion for our Streaming starter kit. They would be happy to demonstrate how easy it is to setup and use. They have the package available (with a choice of loudspeaker models to partner) for less than £1000 – That’s British audiophile design, engineering and build for less than a new iPhone X!


Analogue Seduction Ltd Whittlesey 01733 350878
Audio T Limited Brentwood 01277 264730;
Audio T Limited Cardiff 02920 228565
Audio T Limited Chandlers Ford 02380 252827
Audio T Limited Enfield 0208 3673132
Audio T Limited Manchester 0161 8398869;
Audio T Limited Oxford 01865 765961
Audio T Limited Portsmouth 0239 2663604
Audio T Limited Preston 01772 883958
Audio T Limited Swindon 01793 538222
Creative Audio Shrewsbury 01743 241924
Elite Audio Fife 01334 570666
Fanthorpes Hull 01482 223096
Frank Harvey Hi Fi Coventry 02476 525200
Future Audio East Grinstead 01342 328065
Hi Fi Stereo Sale 0161 973 5577
James Morrow Edinburgh 0131 229 8777
Lyric Hi Fi Belfast 02890 381296
Moorgate Acoustics Ltd Sheffield 0114 275 6048
Nottingham HiFi Centre Nottingham 0115 978 6919
Richer Sounds Chiswick 0333 900 0055
Richer Sounds Glasgow 0333 900 0038
Richer Sounds Guildford 0333 900 0050
Richer Sounds Leeds 0333 900 0025
Richer Sounds Manchester 0333 900 0086
Richer Sounds Newcastle 0333 900 0032
Richer Sounds Oxford 0333 900 0052
Richer Sounds Plymouth 0333 900 0047
Richer Sounds Reigate 0333 900 0081
Richer Sounds Southampton 0333 900 0036
RIPCASTER Oxfordshire 0118 321 8292
Vickers Hi Fi Limited York 01904 691600

What’s so good about this system?

We’re all familiar with using music streaming services like TIDAL on our phones, but with both TIDAL and Deezer (and I’m sure many others to follow) now offering lossless or even High-definition Audio as part of their services. Many died-in-the-wool audiophiles (the kind for whom anything other than a 12” vinyl disc would be considered sacrilege) are now not just accepting streaming, they are positively seeking out ways to build such premium audio quality into their existing systems.

Moreover – for customers curious about the performance capable from such services, Cyrus Audio now has a range of powerful streaming solutions.


But hang on…surely you should just connect your phone with TIDAL wirelessly via Bluetooth? Well – although convenient, that would be a big compromise in audio quality. Bluetooth, even with the higher ‘bandwidth’ aptX codec will seriously constrict the data transferred and the resulting loss of quality is clearly audible…


Now, though, Cyrus have partnered with Google and TIDAL to bring streaming to their highly acclaimed Cyrus ONE with uncompressed, unrestricted quality.


The Cyrus ONE is a remarkable audio product offering prodigious amounts of power – capable of driving speakers costing tens of thousands of pounds, for little more than a hi-fi starter system. Cyrus ONE also has a built-in ‘Phono-stage’ – a high-quality pre-amplifier that allows direct connection of a ‘turntable’ (so vinyl junkies won’t be restricted too much in choice). The addition of Google’s Chromecast and a free three month subscription to TIDAL Hi-Fi (their £20/ month premium service) completes the package.


Using Chromecast Audio is a revelation. Firstly, one of the remarkable attributes of the diminutive device is the quality of its on-board Digital to Analogue Converters. (DACs) – Google use a high specification audio DAC – a chip considered by most audiophiles to be more than up to the job of reproducing high-quality and high-definition music.


Secondly, and perhaps of more importance – is the ease of use. Google has perfected the seamless integration with apps such as TIDAL, and even Deezer or Spotify, making sure that although your complete system control is handled in the phone, track selection, volume etc., the data comes to the amplifier via a direct connection to the internet from the Chromecast – completely uncompressed and it couldn’t be simpler to use.


Don’t take our word for it though. Why not call up one of the dealers listed above and arrange your audition? Even if you’re just curious as to how good it really can be, it would be our pleasure to introduce you to the Cyrus Experience.