The Experience Tour 2018

Experience Tour 2018 Recap

‘The Experience Tour 2018’ is a series of events being held by Cyrus team throughout the country from March 2018, where Hi-Fi enthusiasts and tech novices alike will be treated to a programme of seminars and demonstrations, covering a full spectrum of hi-fi and audio-based topics.

In mid August 2018, Cyrus ventured up to Norwich to help celebrate Martins 50th anniversary of opening their doors to the public. Industry experts, Stuart and Chris both gave speeches on the history of Hi-fi and Class D amplification.


“A Brief History of Hi-Fi”
Next, Training and Support Manager Chris (pictured right, above) will move the discussion towards the future of hi-fi, or at least one of the key technological developments in the industry, with:

“Class D: The Devil Is In The Detail”
Each seminar will be around 45 minutes long, with time for discussion in-between, and plenty of room for your questions to both Cyrus and Martins Hi Fi teams at the end too.

The seminars are targeted at ‘intermediate to advanced’ enthusiasts presented from the Cyrus team! The aim of the sessions is to inform and educate attendees about the pitfalls and virtues of this technology, to demonstrate the different engineering approaches available, and hopefully shed some light on the future development of amplifiers in this category.

We’d like to thank all that joined us!