The Music

We love music – all of us – in fact it’s pretty much a requirement of employment with Cyrus.

We love to listen to it, talk about it and share it with each other – and with you.

We don’t judge. From classical to EDM, Jazz to country, good music is our passion and it all has the power to evoke that primal connection with a certain moment; a particular memory, and escape the here and now. Come and share our passion and your opinions in our vibrant ‘Listening Room’

Three Track Thursday

a Cyrus Audio tradition

As well as quarterly TIDAL playlists, we also have ‘Three Track Thursday’. Something of a Cyrus tradition, the entire company comes together for a listening session in our hallowed listening room.

Each employee in turn shares their current favourite songs, regardless of genre, format, or age. Everyone is encouraged to participate; and we love to share our choices with our ‘listening room’ followers.

We share our music across genre and culture. By embracing diverse music and listening to the very best choices each of has to offer – tracks that we would never usually come across in our day to day routine – we learn to appreciate and embrace.

3 Track Thursday

Sophie works in our production office doing purchasing and looking after supplier relations. She loves all kinds of DIY, especially textile crafts, lived in China for 5 years and loves swing dancing!


Listening Room

‘The Listening Room’ is our on-line community of core enthusiasts. It’s a free flowing community where all contributions are welcomed and respected. It’s where we hang out on social media, share our systems, our musical experiences and journeys – and yes, it’s a great place to ask your questions and get knowledgable answers.