We trust you will enjoy our award winning hi-fi products as much as we enjoy engineering them. We recommend that all owners register their products to benefit from an extended warranty period.

Our new and improved extended warranty is only applicable to products purchased after 1st October 2015. Products purchased prior to this date will have a standard two year warranty. Products must be registered within 30 days of purchase for the extended warranty to be effective.

Registering your product will give you access to:

An additional 12 months warranty (3 years total) on standard products (as defined by your retailer at the point of purchase), or an additional 36 months warranty (5 years total) on Signature models and PSX-R₂*

Advance news on new Cyrus product launches

Exclusive offers on upgrades and servicing relevant to your product

Subscription to our monthly digital consumer newsletter

Offers on limited edition products and or special promotions

Exclusive opportunities to attend product launches and other Cyrus events

All factory upgrades receive a non-extendable two year warranty.

Reprocessed items (denoted by an ‘R’ at the end of the serial number) are given a one year warranty unless otherwise stated. Upgraded and reprocessed products cannot be registered and do not benefit from any warranty extension.

Cyrus warranties are based only in the country of purchase. Should an in-warranty item be transferred across an international border, you may need to return it to the country of purchase in order to make a claim against the warranty.

In the event of a failure, an item still in warranty must be returned to the place of purchase. Other retailers/distributors involved in the process may wish to make a charge for their labour if they did not sell the item.

Warranties are non-transferrable. Should an item be sold or transferred to a new owner, the warranty be void.

*Warranty periods may differ depending on the terms and conditions of sale in each market. Please check with your distributor if you are outside of the UK.