Our soundBuds provide Cyrus quality audio with no cables or fuss. These new earbuds feature ‘True Wireless Stereo’ Bluetooth connectivity and pack a terrific sonic punch. These award-winning true wireless earbuds are ideal for relaxing, on a commute, or even at the gym, they come with a choice of three soft tips and a special in-ear grip to make sure they stand firm even during vigorous exercise.


  • Battery powered charge case, capable of recharging soundBuds 3 times before needing its own recharge
  • Three different sizes for comfortable fitting with all ear shapes and sizes
  • Playing time approximately 4 hours playing time
  • Water resistant (IPX5 rating)
  • Light weight, only 4.5g per ear

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Cyrus soundBuds have been engineered to deliver exceptional fidelity and dynamics, even when you’re in a noisy environment, such as a train or gym. Completely wireless and completely stereo, you just sync to your phone and get on with your day.

Our award-winning soundBuds are supplied with the Cyrus ‘recharging’ case, allowing you to recharge up to three times without connecting to a separate power source. Simply place the soundBuds back in their holder and they recharge.

Sweat-resistant and durable, soundBuds provide the perfect soundtrack to your active lifestyle. Learn much more about soundBuds on our main page

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Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom