Q. Only one Earbud is playing music – how did this happen and can I reset them?

A. When you removed the earbuds from their case, if you don’t remove them both together, one of the earbuds might connect to your phone or Bluetooth source, before linking to the other earphone. If this happens perform a factory reset, remove both buds from the charge case together and allow them a few seconds to sync with each other before pairing to your phone or device.

Q. How do I factory reset my soundBuds2?

1. If you have paired the soundBuds2 with a device – unpair / forget device them from your device.
2. Put the soundBuds2 back into case, the earbud LEDs will light red indicating that the earbud is charging.
3. Then touch the earbuds and hold for 10 seconds. The earbud LED will flash green twice. This can be done one earbud at a time so you can see it flash green. Factory reset is complete.

Once the factory reset has been performed, please remove both soundBud2’s from the charging case simultaneously to ensure that they are able to pair together.


Q. My unit has a fault. What should I do?

A. First and foremost, switch the product off and check that all cables are sited correctly and are secure, then switch it back on. If the issue persists, isolate the component to see if the fault condition remains when the product is connected only to mains power, as many of our products are designed to shut down if a fault is detected with something connected to it. If the problem remains even with the unit isolated, it should be taken to your Cyrus retailer for further testing. They can then arrange service by an engineer if they are unable to resolve the problem directly.


Q. My streamer will not connect to my Wi-Fi network. What should I do?

A. The streamer will not allow special characters such as ampersands (&) in the SSID of the Wi-Fi network. It also does not support certain wireless ‘n’ signals and may need to connect to a wireless ‘g’ signal instead. We don’t recommend using Wi-Fi though and Ethernet-over-mains systems should be considered as an alternative where possible.


Q. I’m using powerline adaptors and my streamer doesn’t see the network on startup. Why is this?

A. Some powerline adaptors have a sleep mode and sometimes they do not ‘wake up’ in time for the streamer to identify the network. It is recommended to disable this sleep mode to ensure that the network is correctly recognised each time that the streamer is started.


Q. My streamer doesn’t work well with my Apple or Virgin router. Why is this?

A. Apple products do not support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Because of this, they do not work well with non-Apple media products such as streamers. Replacing your router with one that supports UPnP should resolve the problem. Some Virgin routers do not work reliably with UPnP and we recommend using alternative routers if possible.


Q. Why does my streamer not find my NAS drive / computer?

A. This suggests either that the NAS/computer does not have a media server correctly installed or configured, or there is a network issue between the NAS/computer and streamer.


Q. Why does my hard drive not work with my streamer?

A. To work with the streamer, it must be formatted as a FAT 32 drive. Other formats such as NTSF are not supported. Be sure to move the contents elsewhere before formatting the drive. Larger capacity drives over approximately 400GB should have their own power supplies or they may not function correctly due to the higher power requirements.


Q. Why do my tracks appear in alphabetical order instead of track order?

A. The media server on the NAS organises the music library dependent upon pre-configured search settings. If the tracks are appearing in track number rather than album order, try another search option as this often displays the results differently. If that does not resolve the issue, contact the NAS manufacturer as there may be a firmware update or adjustable setting to change how the results are displayed.


Q. Why do I have duplicate copies of tracks showing on my streamer?

A. The media server on the NAS organises the music library. If you have duplicates and you do not have multiple copies of the file saved on your NAS, then the media server may need to rescan the contents of the drive. There will be an option for this within the media server settings menus. Check the user manual for your NAS if you are not sure where.


Q. My files are showing as Unknown or Various Artists. Why is this?

A. The media server uses metadata within the files to ascertain data about the track such as the artist, album, composer etc. If this metadata is corrupt, missing, or wrong, then you’ll get unusual results when trying to find it on your NAS drive. You may need to download or rip the file again to obtain the correct metadata, or you may need to alter it manually using a computer.



Q. Why will Cadence not connect to my streamer?

A. Do you have the latest firmware on your device? You can check this page for more information. Cadence might also struggle to connect if there is a network communication problem. Reboot all of your network devices, including your router, and ensure that they are all enabled for UPnP. Powerline devices in sleep mode can also cause communication issues with Cadence, so this is recommended to be disabled.


Q. Cadence opens then closes immediately. How do I solve this?

A. This suggests that there is an IP conflict on your network. Reboot your router and device, then select the factory reset option on your streamer. This should give your devices new IP addresses and the app should open normally.


Q. I’m having trouble when trying to use Cadence on more than one device.

A. A streamer can only be controlled by one device at a time. We recommend killing the app completely (rather than leaving it running in the background) before opening Cadence on a second device. The iOS version of the app also gives a ‘Force Disconnect’ option in the menu which can be used to force the app to disconnect before you open Cadence on a second device.


Q. Cadence is telling me that my firmware needs updating. What do I do?

A. This indicates that a newer version of firmware is available for your streaming product. Full information on updating your product can be found here.


CD players

Q. Sometimes my disc get stuck in the unit. Why is this?

A. We find that some modern discs are manufactured with a film on the printed surface which can cause them to jam in slot-loading CD players. Wiping the disc carefully with a lint-free cloth will remove this film. Jamming can also be caused by certain types of disc as the materials used and the thickness of the disc varies greatly. If you make a copy of the disc (if local laws permit it), you may find that the copy functions perfectly, indicating a problem with the original. If all of your discs stick in the unit, this might indicate a fault with the player itself. In this case, contact your retailer for further testing and assistance.


Q. Some discs cannot be read by my CD player? Why is this?

A. Compact discs vary greatly in the materials used and the thickness of the disc. If you make a copy of the disc (if local laws permit it), you may find that the copy functions perfectly, indicating a problem with the original. If none of your discs are read, this might indicate a fault with the player itself. In this case, contact your retailer for further testing and assistance.

NOTE: DVD-A, SACD, CD RW, and un-finalised CD-Rs are not supported by Cyrus CD players.



Please refer to the sections on CD and streaming for troubleshooting.


Integrated and power amplifiers

Q. I’m seeing a red flashing light or an error message on the display. What does this mean?

A. A flashing red light or error message suggests that the amp’s protection circuits have become active. This may be because of a fault occurring in a connected product, overheating/overdriving, or a hardware problem in the amp itself. If the problem persists after being disconnected from all other products, then it is advised to seek further assistance from your retailer.



Q. The iR14 and Lyric remote seems to use a lot of batteries. What should I do?

A. The backlight on this remote control does consume quite a bit of power. It is recommended to use rechargeable batteries where possible to keep running costs and ecological impact to a minimum.

Q. The backlight of my iR14/Lyric remote control is flashing and the remote doesn’t work. Is this a fault?

A. A flashing backlight indicates that the power being drawn from the batteries is insufficient to power the remote. Remove the batteries for 5 minutes and replace them with fresh ones, and the remote will function correctly once more.