Streamer Firmware

The latest version of firmware for Cyrus streamers is 4.3

To check which firmware version your unit is currently running, from the Main Menu » Setup » About. If the firmware version is lower than stated at the top of this page, an update is highly recommended*.

It is not possible to update the firmware of your streamer yourself., but your local Cyrus retailer can update the firmware for you in-store. We recommend returning the streamer to the place of purchase where possible. A retailer may decide to charge a fee for this service, at their discretion.

Changes in the latest firmware:

Users can now connect to their Qobuz account when using the Cadence mobile app
Bug fixes and general improvements

*NOTE: If the n-remote is still in use, your streamer must not be updated beyond version 3.3 as later updates will render the n-remote unusable. Older version 1 streamers (Stream X, Stream XP, Streamline) are not compatible with the latest firmware and require a hardware upgrade to benefit from the latest features. Your local Cyrus retailer can advise further.