Cyrus Interconnects

Special audiophile grade Solid Core interconnect cable featuring non-magnetic “Bullet” plug
connectors. Tuned to match the Cyrus sonic signature. Cable is enclosed in black woven fabric to help invisibility once installed. Recommended for use throughout all Cyrus systems. Available in 0.2 metre, 0.5 metre and 1.0 metre lengths. Custom ordering service.

During the critical development phase of each component Cyrus tune every element to extract the most thrilling performance possible and because the connecting cables form part of the system circuit, Cyrus carefully select interconnecting cables that compliment the tuned Cyrus sound. We receive many requests for advice regarding cables and now offer a Cyrus interconnect and matching speaker cable so you can hear exactly what Cyrus intended you to hear when they perfected the tuning of their components in the Cyrus listening room. These interconnect cables form part of the tuned circuit and so contribute to the balanced sound.