Award winning high end CD player packing lots of power.

At the heart of the CD 8 SE₂ is the Servo Evolution CD engine which was built in-house to make our CD players draw more data from a disc than any others. And the expert engineering designed to play high definition, perfectly tuned music from your CD doesn’t stop there.

Twin analogue outputs as well as our intelligent headphone technology will allow you to enjoy our trademark uncompromising sound quality any way you like. Tests show that the CD 8 SE2 produces ruler-flat linearity performance, vanishingly low background noise and superb jitter rejection.

This high performance high end CD player has received arguably more awards than any other CD player. It has been voted What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision CD Player of the Year and has numerous international best in class awards.

Packed into the stylish, compact chassis of the CD 8 SE₂ are two completely separate toroidal power transformers which work in tandem to provide a pure and deep sound. Excellent stage isolation ensures these huge power supplies don’t interfere with the sonic performance of the CD player.

Backed by an extensive array of reservoir capacitors and a bank of power regulators, the new Servo Evolution (SE2) stage takes the audio performance of the CD 8 SE₂ to a new level.

The DAC technology and components used in the analogue filter stages are chosen carefully to deliver musical and technical performance to the exacting standards demanded by the Cyrus team. Whilst the balanced topology in the DAC/analogue stages of the CD 8 SE₂ requires duplication of many costly components, we have found it essential to extract the last ounce of performance from our best integrated high end CD player.

Clock stability is a key element in the signal processing chain in a player of this standard. The digital engineering of the CD 8 SE₂ therefore includes a close tolerance crystal re-clocking circuit to maximise jitter rejection.

The CD 8 SE2 is a high end CD player which also incorporates a PSX-R socket so that it can be connected to our highly regulated Cyrus PSX-R power supply for additional musical resolution. Our Cyrus 8a integrated amplifier is a perfect match for this remarkable high end CD player.

Technical Information

As with all of our products, the CD 8 SE2 can be connected to our other systems via our unique MC-BUS connectivity.

Outputs – Dual stereo audio, SPDIF coaxial and optical
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 6.4kg