The CD8x incorporates new technology that provides outstanding dynamics, rhythm (timing) and pin sharp resolution, yet can reproduce the soaring beauty of the most sophisticated aria. Internally the revised power supply design features twin, custom made, transformers each feeding individual highly regulated power supplies which in turn feed the 11 separate sections of the player.

The new CD 8x player is designed to allow our customers to advance further up the performance ladder of the Cyrus range. The “x” signifies that this model should be considered to sit between the 8 series model range and our X series. The CD 8x’s outstanding performance can be expanded by adding a Cyrus PSX-R power supply, which will further enhance audio resolution. The new 8x has also been designed to operate as a CD transport when used together with the stat-of-the-art DAC X and XP models from the x series.

When used as an integrated CD player the specially developed circuitry is designed to provide outstanding performance when partnered with our ultimate performance DAC X components. The CD 8x then operates as a CD transport and offers one of the finest CD systems in the world. However configured, this player will produce stunning performance and, in the right systems, an almost holographic 3D image. Cyrus’ CD platform is a truly outstanding example of our companies upgrade philosophy. Our systems are designed to grow with our customer’s enthusiasm for musical advancement and through a series of affordable upgrades, all the way up, to the ultimate x series.

Twin, custom made, transformers each feeding individual highly regulated power supplies.
Individual highly regulated power supplies which in turn feed the 11 separate sections of the player.
Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis lightweight alloy and non-magnetic material throughout
Outstanding dynamics, rhythm (timing) and pin sharp resolution
High-end DAC technology – Full 24 bit resolution with 192k upsampler.
True balanced topology – Fully balanced topology from the digital domain to the output.
High accuracy dual-mode master clock – Ultra-low jitter clock reference for quality Group 1 sources Digital Output – For convenient wiring to a digital recorder or surround decoder.
Optically isolated micro-link – Zero digital influence on the music signal.
Extensive use of Star-earthing – Ability to resolve to very low signal levels.
PSX-R ability – Enhancing performance by further isolation of PS.
MC-BUS System BUS – Full featured master/slave MC-Bus response.

Technical Information

Signal to noise ratio – 110dBA
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm – 78 x 215 x 360
Finish – Available in Black & Silver
Frequency Response 1  – 20Hz to 20kHz
THD – <0.002% at 1kHz at 0dB
Dynamic Range – >100dB (20Hz to 20kHz
Digital Output – Optical SPDIF
Channel Separation CD – >110dB (1kHz), 90dB (20kHz)
Audio Output – 2.1V rms
Clock Jitter – <100pS
Power Consumption – 7.5 Watts
Weight – 3.1Kgs