The CDXT SE2 is a pure CD transport system that delivers the very best sound from a CD. This premium CD Player was voted the best CD player in its category by What Hi Fi Sound & Vision in 2009. Featuring the highly advanced Cyrus SE ‘CD Engine’, dual transformers and PSX-R socket for upgrading to a PSX-R power supply, this is our definitive CD player. The CDXT SE2 is the perfect partner with a DAC X Signature or DAC XP Signature. Alternatively, if you are considering an integrated amplifier solution the 8 DAC or 8 Qx DAC are highly capable partners.

The CDXT SE2 is the transport or disc spinning part of the ultimate Cyrus CD player system. At the highest levels of CD player development we have proved that it is beneficial to separate certain sections of the CD mechanics from the low level decoding sections. The most successful way we have found to do this is to manufacture the player in two separate chassis. The benefits of this approach bring higher resolution, quieter background and improved imagery.

The reason Cyrus can manufacture CD players of such outstanding quality is our investment in a suite of bespoke ‘engineered for high-end CD’ software and electro mechanical projects that we collectively refer to as our Servo Evolution technology. SE engineering was especially developed for the CDXT project and is the most accurate ‘engine’ to copy data from a CD today. The latest, 2012 updated, SE2 engine delivers the following key benefits;

• Specifically developed for Audio data standards
• 20% fewer data errors than ordinary CD players
• Less reliance on error correction averaging
• Better signal to noise ratio
• Immensely improved laser control accuracy
• Audibly better audio performance

Rather than reserve our SE engine for our top models only we incorporate SE across the range to help amortize the high development costs across more models. In this way Cyrus can offer tangible advantages to every model, rather than just the high-end. This is why CDXT SE2 is (in the world of high-end audio) relatively inexpensive.

The ‘other half’ of the high-end CD playing system is a matching DAC called DAC X Signature. Separating the mechanical elements from the low-level decoding circuits offers significant improvement to the resolution of the audio signals. Conversely joining the low level analogue signals, post DAC, with the preamplifier delivers improvements so we make a combined DAC and preamp model called DAC XP Signature for the ultimate hi-performance solution. You have a choice between our high performance DAC X Signature with our most advanced DAC engineering, or the same DAC fitted with our dual mono preamp that is the cornerstone of our most advanced systems. Being Cyrus, the DAC X+ can be factory upgraded to full DAC XP Signature specification later on. It is common for our customers to buy DAC X+ and then upgrade to DAC XPSignature later and gain the benefits of the ultimate performance as funds allow.

Technical Information

With the introduction of the acclaimed DAC X Signature and DAC XP Signature digital to analogue converters, Cyrus moved into a new league for replay of digital sources by offering 192kHz up-sampling, true 192kHz DACs and full differential modes of operation. The CDXT SE2 is engineered to complement the DAC XP+ and other established ‘X’ series components as a high-end ‘digital optimised’ CD source.

• Clock stability is a key element in the signal processing chain in a player of this standard. The digital engineering of the CDXT SE2 therefore includes a special re-clocking circuit with close tolerance crystal VCO located at the threshold of the signal drive circuit to maximise jitter rejection.

• Packed into the stylish, compact chassis of the CDXT SE2 is a high quality toroidal power transformer. The transformer has two entirely separate secondary windings with one dedicated to feeding the sensitive reclocking circuits and the other supplying a completely separate feed to the current hungry motors. In true Cyrus style the PSX-R power supply may also be connected to further refine the power supply system and take over power supply to the motors further improving resolution.

• Cyrus products have always delivered sonic excellence hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art technical performance. The CDXT SE2 is no exception and Cyrus are justifiably proud of the measured performance of the ‘X’ series transport and DAC combination. A CDXT SE2 partnered with a DAC X+ or DAC XP+ will deliver ruler-flat linearity performance, vanishingly low background noise and superb jitter rejection, out-performing most two box players in their class.

• A natural upgrade path for the CDXT SE2 owner is the acquisition of an optional PSX-R external DC Power supply. This unique and intelligent component allows the CD XT SE2 to tap into a massive reserve of highly regulated DC energy source. Providing a completely separate power feed for the high current demands of the mechanism motors, the PSX-R effectively removes the dynamically changing load of the motors from the internal power transformer.

• The unique MC-BUS connectivity of the CDXT SE2 is in keeping with the total system approach of the Cyrus range of products. This facility enhances ergonomic operation of the unit in a system context. Total automation of the test, alignment and calibration of the CDXT SE2 is facilitated via the MC-BUS during its manufacturing process, eliminating potential human error.

• The quality lightweight alloy die-cast enclosure of the CDXT SE2 has a myriad of advantages both electrically and mechanically. The non-resonant nature of the alloy minimises microphonic effects, while its non-ferrous composition provides an effective shield from external electro-magnetic disturbances. This also eliminates coupling of the power transformer stray magnetic fields to the sensitive audio circuitry.

Partnered with a DAC XP+ and a pair of PSX-R power supplies, this four box combination offers the discerning audio enthusiast one of the most rewarding CD systems in the world.


Power Supply – Toroidal power transformer feeding multiple regulated power supplies
Outputs – SPDIF coaxial and optical
Disc-reading transport – Isolated slot loading mechanism with high bandwidth optical pick-up
Disc Compatibility – CD, CD-R (closed session)
Display – Custom LCD with subtle green back lighting
Remote Control – Full function Cyrus system remote control facility
Communications – MC-BUS System BUS


Coaxial Digital output – SPDIF via RCA phono jack socket
Output voltage – 500mV pk-pk
Output impedance – 75 Ω
Optical Digital output – SPDIF via Toslink transmitter
Clock Jitter – <70pS
Power Consumption – 7.5W
Weight – 4.5 Kg
Dimensions – (H x W x D) 78 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Finish – Quartz Silver or Brushed Black