The Cyrus dAD1.5 is a thoroughly remarkable CD player built and designed to our exacting audiophile standards it is a sophisticated, yet affordable machine, setting new levels of performance in its class.

The de-coupled laser transport assembly of the dAD1.5 features an integeral, self centering magnetic disc clamp to ensure maximum data retrieval from each Cd. Four fully regulated, independant power supplies feed disc motor, digital, analogue and convertor stages with stable, interference free power.

Dynamic attack and low frequency extension are faithfully preserved, whilst extensive use of star-earthing allows the finest of details to be heard against the darkest of backgrounds.

Technical Information


Transport – Integral Isolated Loader CDM with monolithic glass LASER assembly
Outputs – Stereo audio and coaxial digital output
Power Supply – Independant fully regulated power supplies for digital, analogue,
disc motor and control/display stages
Display – Custom LCD with subtle green back lighting
Remote Control – Full function remote control facility
Communications – MC-BUS System BUS


Audio output – 2.3V rms.
Output impedance – 50W
Frequency response – 20Hz-20kHz
THD – <0.02% (ref. 1kHz, -10dB)
S/N ratio (using silent track) – 98dBA
Channel separation – >75dB (1kHz), >75dB (20kHz)
Digital output voltage – 500mV p-p
Digital output impedance – 75W, transformer isolated
Power Consumption – 10W (5W Standby)
Weight – 3.1 Kg
Dimensions – (H x W x D) 78 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Finish – Black