8 Power

This amplifier can be used as a stereo or mono power amplifier. Used as a stereo amplifier this will deliver a solid 60 Watts per channel or in mono mode will deliver 110 Watts (8 ohms). With PSX-R upgrade option and digital protection, this amplifier offers flexibility and great performance.

The 8 Power is the ideal partner for the Pre XPd. Or equally it will be a perfect match to bi-amp the 8a, 8 DAC or 8 QX DAC. These combinations sound extremely good and offer outstanding value, not only sonically, but because the 8 power is so upgradeable. It can evolve from a stereo 60W per channel (8ohms) power amp all the way through to a powerful 220W (4ohms) mono amplifier. In fact, this incredible design can also be upgraded further as we offer a factory upgrade to the next range up, the X power, which delivers even more performance. As you upgrade your hi-fi system, the 8 Power evolves to meet your demands, adding power and finesse with each upgrade.

You may run your new amp in stereo or mono, with or without the matching PSX-R. Uniquely, this chameleon-like quality is achieved without loss of performance common with lesser bridgeable amps. Auto start and auto power down, plus built-in (MC-BUS™) system control compatibility, make this a truly intelligent power amp, ideal for high-performance audio systems or a Cyrus-quality AV system and is uniquely flexible when systems are upgraded.

Technical Information

The 8 Power is based on the same platform as the X Power. Although primarily intended to partner our preamplifiers, such as Pre XPd and DAC XP+, the 8 Power is ideal as an upgrade to our integrated amplifier range for bi-amping. The 8 Power packs several surprises, such as being able to be used as a high-power mono amplifier with a Pre XPd  in pre/power systems of up to 120W per (220watts into 4 Ohms), when used with an external PSX-R regulated power supply. This ability to be so dynamic with the real impedances of modern loudspeaker designs is a very important reason why it sounds so good in “real” systems.

Technically competent, the 8 Power ranks highly amongst its peers for technical specifications such as noise, distortion, damping factor and current delivery into a wide range of speaker loads.

The 8 Power is an excellent upgrade for a Cyrus integrated amplifier, voiced to closely match the Cyrus 8a, either to upgrade the performance of the internal power amplifier, or to use both the internal power amp and the 8 Power in a bi-amped configuration. The fixed gain structure of the Cyrus range enables any Cyrus power amplifier, such as the 8 Power, to be matched for bi-amping to any Cyrus integrated amplifier with a pre-out connection.

The 8 Power includes a port for connection of the PSX-R power supply. The PSX-R is a high capacity, fully regulated power supply with even more capacity and regulation than the internal power supply of the 8 Power. When used together, the added benefits of the super-quiet DC power from the PSX-R will be primarily experienced as an improvement to the resolution to the sound of the system. Additionally, the power output of the 8 Power will also be increased, particularly when operating as a mono amplifier and this will aid dynamics (the difference between the quietest sounds and the loudest in the recording.

This is arguably the biggest challenge to any hi-fi system and the 8 Power’s unique upgradeability will allow you to increase the performance of your system many times as you ‘get the itch’ to upgrade again and again. The PSX-R is a straightforward user-fit upgrade with a simple umbilical connection to the 8 Power’s rear panel – no other internal changes are required.

The 8 Power features a sophisticated music-sense circuit with microprocessor control. When the unit is set to low-consumption Standby, a high-sensitivity circuit will detect an incoming music signal and switch on the amplifier noiselessly ready for use. A precision timer in the control system will then hold the amplifier on for 4 minutes before resetting to a semi-Standby state. From this state, the amplifier can be wakened instantly, so that even subtle low-level background music or effects signals will not be lost as the amplifier exits standby. If music is not present for an extended period, then the 8 Power will revert back to its true low-consumption standby state.

As an alternative means of power control when used in a Cyrus system, the 8 Power includes connection for the Cyrus MC-BUS system. In this case, the intelligence in the control system will detect that the user has chosen to use MC-Bus control and will de-activate the music-sensing control system.

For applications with systems where music-sense is not required and MC-Bus is not connected, the music-sensing system may be disabled, temporarily by holding the standby key down when first switching on the 8 Power mains power, or permanently by moving a small jumper connector internally on the PCB.

The computer control system of the 8 Power also monitors the general status of the amplifier and can react quickly enough to protect it from accidental short-circuits, even when running at full power.

The quality lightweight die-cast enclosure of the 8 Power has a myriad of advantages, both electrically and mechanically. The integrated heat-sink design enhances the thermal efficiency, allowing higher performance to size ratio. Additionally, the non-resonant nature of the alloy minimises micro-phonic effects, while its non-ferrous composition provides an effective shield from external electro-magnetic disturbances. This also eliminates coupling of the power transformer stray magnetic fields to the sensitive audio circuitry.

Inputs – Phono sockets
Outputs – Bi-wirable Loudspeakers, Chain out
Power Supply – 180VA Toroidal transformer
External – Highly regulated PSX-R upgradeable
Communications – MC-BUS System BUS

Power output Stereo – 60W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 90W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output Mono – 110W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 150W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output stereo + PSX-R – 60W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 110W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output mono + PSX-R – 125W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 220W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Distortion – <0.002%, (1kHz into 8 Ohms) <0.01%, (20Hz-20kHz into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response – -3 dB at 0.1Hz and 100kHz
Output Current – 30A peak
Sensitivity (RCA input) – 413mV (for 60W stereo into 8 Ohms)
Input impedance – 20Kohm
S/N Ratio – 112dBA (ref 60W)
Dimensions – (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Weight – 4.6kg
Finish – Quartz Silver & Brushed Black