Whether you want to ensure your product keeps working long into the future, or you need a repair, this is where you’ll find all of the information you need.

Cyrus offers servicing for the majority of products that we’ve ever manufactured, some of which may have left the factory more than 30 years ago. A service involves not only repairs to correct any faults that may have occurred, but also a complete inspection and overhaul of the unit. The end result is that your unit may come back sounding not just as good as new – but better!

Your local Cyrus retailer can arrange servicing for you. We regret that we are unable to receive any products into the factory directly. For further details, contact our support team at


Find out more about UK factory servicing by downloading our price list hereServicing (UK)

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We support most models we’ve manufactured, but not all. Check whether your model is supported here – Supported Models

Outside of the UK, please contact your local distributor for details