Want to improve your system further? Many Cyrus products are uniquely upgradeable. Find out more here.

Cyrus’s unique upgrade scheme allows you to maximise your investment in your Cyrus hi-fi and keep your system up-to-date with our latest sonic and feature improvements. A unit that has been upgraded will be indistinguishable from a freshly manufactured unit of the same model and perform to exactly the same precise standards. Each upgraded unit is also given a two-year warranty so that you can be assured of the quality and performance of the product.

To upgrade your Cyrus product, contact your local retailer. We regret that we are unable to receive any products into the factory directly for upgrade.

For further information, contact your retailer or our support team at support@cyrusaudio.com.


Find out more about UK factory servicing by downloading our price list here  – Upgrade Price List

Outside of the UK, please contact your local distributor for details

Every product that comes into Cyrus, whether for upgrade or service, is subjected to our full range of precision audio test processes.  Our specialised equipment will test the product for many aspects of audio performance, from THD, noise, and distortion characteristics to mechanical tolerances and functionality. Every product will only be deemed to have passed when it performs to at least the same standards applied when the unit was first manufactured. This ensures that products that have been enjoyed for many years can be re-invigorated for your continued pleasure.