The Cyrus Service and warranty team is world-renowned for maintaining products that are even decades old.

Other manufacturers may offer longer warranties, but these are usually full of exclusions and limitations. Our warranty is simple, We cover both labour and parts for all parts of the product, both mechanical and electrical for the duration of your warranty.

For ‘out-of-warranty’ services, every product that passes through our service team whether faulty or not is given a complete review. Every engineering update is applied (most products evolve throughout their life to improve components or sub-circuits for better performance) and the product is fully tested and calibrated as if it were coming off the production line for the first time.

We trust you will enjoy our award-winning hi-fi products as much as we enjoy engineering them. We recommend that all owners register their products to benefit from information on upgrades and improvements

Registering your product will give you access to:

  • Advance news on new Cyrus product launches
  • Exclusive offers on upgrades and services relevant to your product
  • Subscription to our monthly digital consumer newsletter
  • Offers on limited edition products and or special promotions
  • Exclusive opportunities to attend product launches and other Cyrus events

All factory upgrades receive a non-extendable two-year warranty.

Reprocessed items (denoted by an ‘R’ at the end of the serial number) are given a one year warranty unless otherwise stated. Upgraded and reprocessed products cannot be registered and do not benefit from any warranty extension.

Cyrus warranties are based only in the country of purchase. Should an in-warranty item be transferred across an international border, you may need to return it to the country of purchase in order to make a claim against the warranty.

In the event of a failure, an item still in warranty must be returned to the place of purchase. Other retailers/distributors involved in the process may wish to make a charge for their labour if they did not sell the item.

The following product categories have a varied warranty period starting from the date of purchase, please take note of this when sending your Cyrus unit in for repairs.

*Warranty periods may differ depending on the terms and conditions of sale in each market. Please check with your distributor if you are outside of the UK.

  • XR Series – 3 Years
  • Cyrus Signature Range – 3 Years
  • Classic range/ONE Series Amplifiers and speakers – 2 Years
  • soundBuds/soundKey – 1 Year