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Upgrades are only currently possible on products with button type A. We anticipate that button type B Upgrades will be possible in September 2019. Please continue to register and we will contact you as soon as the upgrades become available.

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We have created this online registration system for our upgrade programme to minimise the time you are without your Cyrus system. We will arrange to collect your product a few days before the upgrade, then deliver it back to your local dealer as soon as completed.

Customers registering through this website will be contacted with a date upon which they need to take their host product (to be upgraded) to their selected dealer. Whilst we will do our utmost to keep these dates unchanged, although we reserve the right to move them if necessary for unforeseen circumstances. If your date does move, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to take your product in to your dealer.

Cyrus will arrange the shipping from and back to the dealer. Due to problems with couriers collecting from and delivering to home addresses, goods will only be accepted through dealers. Please do not ship your units directly back to Cyrus

If your product requires any kind of repair, we will contact you to confirm the nature of the required repair and any additional cost this might involve. If you choose not to have the repair done, we will return your product to you. Upgrades cannot be undertaken unless the host product is fully functional.

For QXR upgrades, the warranty period is 2 years and will apply with regard to the card itself and any problems caused directly by the upgrade.