CD Players

Cyrus has been at the forefront of CD development since 1983 when our engineers helped develop one of the very first specialist CD players. Our aim is to make the best CD players in the world, irrespective of price. To achieve this we have developed our own unique Servo Evolution technology which has been specifically engineered to retrieve data from an audio CD with the fewest errors. All our CD players use this high-end audio CD ‘engine’.

We refer to this suite of engineering as a CD ‘engine’ as it covers a complex collection of hardware and software engineering, which makes the sound they produce truly impressive.

CD i

Cyrus CD players have a history of class-leading performance, but none have so consistently wowed critics as the remarkable CD i. Judged the best CD player for four consecutive years by What Hi-Fi? Magazine. The CD i is without doubt one of the most influential integrated CD players ever designed.

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CD t

The Cyrus CD t is a ‘transport-only’ version of our multi-award winning CD i. If you’re looking for a player as part of a Cyrus system, to plug into the 6 DAC, 82DAC or one of our pre-amplifier products - this is the version to go for.

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CD Xt Signature

Over the years, owners of Cyrus CD players have appreciated the difference our engineering principles can make to their listening pleasure. The CD Xt Signature is the very pinnacle of CD playback technology. Every instrument, every nuance of every recording is laid bare, with absolute clarity. Put simply – this is the best.

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Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom