DAC XP Signature

Our flagship preamplifier, the DAC XP Signature is held in the highest regard amongst audiophiles. As part of a hi-fi ‘separates’ system, this pre-amplifier offers complete control over every source, along with a level of resolution and detail rarely seen in any audio component, regardless of price. If hi-fidelity is your passion and you won’t compromise on quality, you should audition the DAC XP Signature.

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The circuits in the DAC XP Signature have been designed to allow them to be optimised with the addition of a PSX R2 power supply. When used as such, the built-in power supply handles most of the processing duties, but the power hungry filter stages are independent. This releases the full potential of the system.


It’s a simple plug-and-play upgrade and it clearly works. All that agility and insight remain undimmed, but the presentation becomes more expansive, while the sound takes on a sizable dose of authority.

The bass, which for all its articulation was a little lean, now becomes weightier and more powerful.

Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom