Mono X 300 Signature

Cyrus has a prestigious history of high-fidelity amplifier design. For more than 30 years we have crafted some of the world’s finest audio components. The finest of them all is the Mono X 300. Engineered from scratch using our in-house developed Zero Feedback technology, the Mono X carries both prodigious power and exceptional control. Capable of driving the world’s most demanding speakers, the Mono X is the crown prince of power amplifiers.

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Time and again we were pleased by the X 300’s muscle but stunned by its insight and subtlety. Partnered with just a modicum of care it delivers delicate dynamite – a truly rare combination.

The X300s might be wearing
the same uniform as the other power
amps, but their internals are
anything but ordinary.

You will need two of these bad boys. As the name implies, the Mono X 300 amplifies only one signal. By separating the amplification of the left and right channels into two separate boxes, each has its own reserves of power, and the possible noise and interference that one channel can have on the other is greatly reduced.


Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom