AV Master

The Cyrus AV-master was the state-of-the art audio processor that was primarily designed for the ultimate in sound quality for decoding multi-channel AV source material.  For the Cyrus stereo enthusiast with a serious interest in Home Cinema the AV-master provided the natural addition to his established Cyrus stereo system. With four straight line audio inputs, the versatile AV-master may also be used as the control centre of a world-class free-standing home theatre system.

Cyrus quality centre channel amplifier which gives Uncompromised reproduction from the centre dialogue channel.  20 memories for favourite settings with easy recall of settings for a wide range of program material. Fully automatic level alignment for accurate, instant alignment of sound channels using a miniature microphone (supplied). Equipped with four line inputs for useful input expansion from an existing stereo system.  Allows for an optional stand alone installation with 2 power amplifiers for the front and surround speakers.  Interactive display for mode indication and calibration guidance and a full remote control facility.

Reproduction of the sensitive centre channel dialogue information is a key issue in a Home Cinema system. The AV-master fashions a single high current power amplifier of the same order of quality as Cyrus amplifiers to complement the performance of the full Cyrus set-up. With four independent straight-line audio inputs and carefully designed decoding circuitry the AV-master enjoys an unprecedented audio quality. Partnered with a Cyrus stereo system, the AV-master re-creates the original dynamics of the recording to provide breath-taking experience in home cinema.


  • Continuous Power – 65W (8 Ohms)
  • Distortion – <0.005%
  • Freq Resp – -3 dB
  • Weight – 4.6kg
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm